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Benefits Differences - Citrine, Green Phantom Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Gold Amber

Natural gemstones are formed in a very long cycle. During this process, a lot of energy from heaven and earth will be absorbed. These energies will gather together to form a magnetic field unique to crystals and healing stones, such as health, love, wealth, protection.

These healing benefits have also become one of the important reasons for the popularity of crystals. When it comes to attract wealth, everyone will think of citrine, green phantom quartz, rutile, gold amber. Today I will share with you the benefits differences of the above stones.

- Citrine -

Citrine is known to attract wealth, it's also called the 'Stone of Wealth' in China. So, what kind of Wealth does Citrine attract?
Such as:

  • Investment of mutual funds, stocks.

  • Income from your side business or part-time job.

  • The Luck of a lottery ticket or gambling.

  • Unexpected money from others.

- Green Phantom Quartz -

Green Phantom is known to be good for Career Opportunities, the wealth from your business or your job, or your Real Estate It can help you to get your dream job, employed easily. Furthermore, green phantom quartz has a special vibration to attract people that may help with your business or career. Wearing Green Phantom Quartz will increase your productivity at work and obtain better rewards in return (such as a higher salary increment or a promotion).

- Golden Rutilated Quartz -

Golden rutilated quartz has a soft and shining golden light, which can help you attract luck from wealth. The mineral element of Rutile that formed a needle-like can strengthen the energy of the original crystal. It can help attract wealth from your career, the business also has the benefit like citrine.

- Gold Amber -

Gold Amber / Flower Amber, bright and soft gold color, which can help you attract wealth, and can retain wealth for you, Top grade gold ambers are expensive and have great collectible value.


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