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In order to provide better Online Shopping Experience and Professional Service to each of our customer, we include a Modification Kit with their purchase for Elastic Bracelets. This way, customers could easily adjust bracelet length that fit them, or change the Elastic Cords after wearing for a long time.

Modification Kit should be including: Steel Wire Needle, Spare Bead, Elastic Cords

*Photos are for Instruction only, the actual kit you're receiving or have received may not be matching the following photos. 

View full version video of making Elastic Cords Bracelet.

STEP 1: Thread the elastic cords with Steel Wire Needle. ( Adjust accordingly for smaller bead holes.


STEP 2: Thread in the desired amount of beads.

STEP 4: Pool one loop through the other to begin the knotting process.

STEP 5: Pool loop through as pictured.

STEP 6: Tie at least two knots.

STEP 7: Make sure to leave a bit of string to tug into the hole, then cut the string.

**Please contact us if your further assistance.


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