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Why Do You Need Natural Crystal & Healing Stones?

Albert Einstein - Everything on the Planet Has Energy 

Natural Crystals and Healing Stones are to adjust the vibration frequency to improve your overall Aura and Luck. But you must make good use of this Energy, such as regular Cleansing, Charging power, and even use them for meditation and yoga.

Ordinary Crystal Stones have a vibration frequency of 8 million per second, and the human body has a vibration frequency of 300 per second. The Crystal Stone Energy field is MUCH higher than that of the human body. High-frequency Crystal Stones are stronger than ordinary crystals. According to the principle of resonance, high frequencies affect low frequencies. These energies fall into a wide range of low and high frequencies and generally speaking, the higher the frequency, the better the benefit.

There are specific stones that are effective for physical healing, mental healing and others for emational healing, also will primarily effect change within the your Chakras. Raise your vibration and all those diseases that are of a low frequency cannot affect you. Your life becomes easier because you are healthier, your family is healthier, things are done quicker. You are able to get more done by doing less, and your DNA is able to heal and be changed.

A strong rhythmic vibration is projected onto another object with a corresponding frequency, and the object with a weak vibration rhythm is stimulated periodically by the corresponding frequency, so it resonates with the stronger object and vibrates. 

This is why we Wear or Place Crystal Stones to enhance the spatial energy field, increase the body energy frequency, make the human body become high-frequency, drive away from the negative and low-frequency energy if you have enough positive energy, masculinity, problems of health, life, fortune, career, luck will be solved easily. This will also help you attract the people with this same frequency, that is to attract more good people in your life.


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